In the past year alone HRMC has assisted us with issues from developing our employee handbook, to dealing with an employee suspected of drinking on the job. They even review our monthly benefit invoices and in the first month discovered an error that netted a refund of just over $2200! They are knowledgeable and respond quickly to any issue and have calmed me on more than one occasion when an employee issue has impacted my day! I highly recommend them!

Frank Cortese, Owner

We have been clients of HR Management Concepts for four years. We are a group of contracting companies that specializes in Electrical and Commercial Renovation work, our present work load didn’t allow us enough time to keep up with all our HR functions. With the complexities of present day employment laws and the problems that can arise, we are extremely satisfied with the service and attention that we receive from the staff at HRMC. We have been able to save money and time with their help, and we would recommend them to anyone who is looking for help in this area.

William L. Belenardo, CPA

New England Payroll Services and Human Resource Management Concepts has been partnered together for several years. They provide the strategic sourcing and HR expertise necessary to tackle a variety of complex human resource categories and issues. They work extremely well in a teaming environment, customizing their approach to fit the unique needs and culture of our clientele, rather than trying to force a rigid process onto an organization. They have the kind of world class HR expertise which allows improvements to Main Street companies, who either do not have any internal HR resources, or want to elevate their current efforts from good to great. Their staff is well trained with broad skill sets and they value our clients’ relationships with us, and that is clearly reflected in the professionalism of their interactions. The bottom line is that they make human resources easier and help get to savings faster.

Lori Angelo, Director of Sales

As a growing software company competing with large corporations for top talent, Accelatis has to offer the best in benefits and human resource support for its employees. We have been able to do this only by working with Pam and her team at HRMC. Any work that we have on HR strategy, policy or best practices goes through Pam. (more…)

Phil Brzezinski, VP Operations