FMLA Administration

Managing FMLA leaves can be tricky and navigating the maze of interaction between FMLA, ADA and workers compensation can be overwhelming.

Do you know the answer to each of these questions:

  • How are leaves covered under FMLA and workers compensation statutes and how much time off is required?
  • When is a work related injury covered under FMLA?
  • Do FMLA and workers compensation run concurrently?
  • Are there special notifications an employer must provide under FMLA?
  • Can an employee on FMLA be required to use available paid time off/vacation benefits?
  • When is an employee entitled to an accommodation under ADA?
  • What is a reasonable accommodation?
  • Does an employer have to continue an employees health insurance while they are out on FMLA leave and does the employee have to pay for it?
  • Is it the employees responsibility to request FMLA?

Our consultants are experts in our field and can help you with all or a portion of your FMLA, ADA and workers compensation related employee matters.